Rules & Regulations

Student attendance should not be less then 75% ( yearly ).
Students must place their vehicle at the given stand and not inside the college premises.
Student should care for the college assets such furniture, books, labs & other instruments.
Any misconduct against the teacher, college employee or students will result to severe punishment.
The college won't allow any sort of misconduct or fights among students on any personal or official issues.
Smoking & chewing is strictly prohibited inside the college premises. Student may get punishment for doing so.
Students must keep their identity card with them for routine check up, otherwise the student may get punishment.
Student are also requested to help college in promoting their studies & values among students & other concern people.

If the student doesn't agree or brakes the above given rules, the college would punish accordingly :
The college could charge Rs.500/-
The college could issue notice against the student.
The college could dissapprove for issuing character certificate.
The college could also permanently dismiss the student from college.
The collge could restrict the student from continuing the studies for 6 month.